Tim Bruton Timber has offices in Wyoming and Texas as well as serving all locations worldwide!

We are acquisition specialists in hard-to-find wood, with a specialty in Texas Cypress, large Pecan and Knotty Pine.  Rather than offering only a few pieces of timber, we increase your options by offering a more turnkey service than our competitors.  We perform the search, negotiations, purchase, saw-milling, and delivery right to you.

Money can be saved by avoiding the “middleman” however we also appreciate the value of a turnkey solution.  We source our wood from throughout the American West,with a focus on BIG timber.

Tim Bruton Timber

There are hundreds of sunken cypress hobbyists and enthusiasts, hundreds of good

people that sell “typical” pecan lumber and many are our friends.  We are proud to have a wide and deep network of friends that can help us find the perfect solution for you!


Texas Tim Bruton Timber