Like fingerprints, every piece of wood is unique. The lumber used for the structure of a building should be strong and durable to maintain a good foundation.  Here at Bruton Timber we pride ourselves in our ability to find an aesthetically pleasing solution to any natural building or accessorizing complication.

For those with more discriminating aesthetic demands, we are happy to be your timber broker.  From sourcing wood for staircases, fireplace mantels, walls, tables, floors or a multitude of other uses, Bruton Timber is a leader in fine timber sourcing.

Our Passion | Specialty Wood Consultation

Where is that perfect piece of wood?  Is it buried in a swamp curing in a natural way?  How do you get the timber to your craftsman?  Tim first started working with wood in the early 2000’s and in varies capacities learned not to “work the wood” and rather to “work with the wood.”

Whether you are an architect, cabinet maker, furniture craftsman, contractor or homeowner, you probably appreciate that some spaces deserve more than “ordinary” lumber.  This is what we love to help you find.

We locate and deliver to your fine woodworker the perfect wood for them to turn into your specialty showpiece!  Our passion is serving you as your specialty wood experts.