When flood water floats a log onto your property or a majestic tree dies and becomes among the “standing dead” or topples on your land, we want to help you by removing it and give that piece of Timber a new life. Learn more about our Texas Large Tree Removal solutions below.

Trees only live so long during their first life, and when they meet their end, it is our hope that we can continue their life in new and useful ways. A dead tree should not be thrown away or burned, says Tim Bruton. People should be able to enjoy looking at that tree and getting good use out of it and respecting this natural piece of our Earth.

Rather than hiring an expensive removal service, we are able to re-purpose that wood at no cost to you!

  • Are you clearing your ranch and need some wood taken away?
  • Did that beautiful 100-year-old tree in your backyard topple during the storm?
  • What floated onto your shore from the river?
  • Does your old barn need to go away?

We will take your trees and turn them into beautiful slabs that your family will continue to enjoy for years. Don’t cut a piece of history into firewood! Let us show you the beauty within the wood.

If you can’t fit your arms around it – we want it!


Storm Flood LARGE Tree Removal Emergency Response

“If your tree is too big to fit your arms around it – I want it!” -Tim Bruton

Texas Large Tree Removal